How Associations win with small business health care

How Small Business
Health Care
Can Be a Win
for Associations.

54% of small businesses have no health insurance, and those who do struggle with deductibles that can be 27% higher compared to all employer plans. The truth? Insurance industry giants care about big profits—and big business clients create more profit than small businesses. But a new U.S. Department of Labor regulation has created a way to make health plans more affordable for more small businesses. And CarynHealth and your small business association are holding the key.

Health Plans Tailored for Small Business.

Today, small business associations can offer health plans that save their members up to 15% or more compared to plans from the industry giants. These health plans can be easily customized to fit the needs of small businesses, and they can be accessed with a customer experience that’s as easy as shopping online.

Here’s How
CarynHealth Works
for Small Business Associations.


CarynHealth enables your small business to join with others to give you more buying power. With a new digital, mobile platform, CarynHealth supports the entire health plan sales, service, and renewal lifecycle, and provides small business association members with easy, 24/7/365 access to customizable, affordable plans. Associations can better recruit and retain new members while enjoying new revenue opportunities.

CarynHealth is the smart new way for everyone in small business to get affordable, quality health care. To discover more about how CarynHealth creates great new revenue opportunities for small business associations, contact us today.