How brokers win with small business health care​

Brokers Win
With Small Business
Health Care.

CarynHealth provides a new way to solve one of your clients’ toughest challenges by helping people in small business get the health plans they need at prices they can finally afford. Brokers win with CarynHealth’s turnkey approach that offers customizable plan choices, easy enrollment and tracking, and renewals.

New & Smart Option

Healthcare realities for small business.

54% of small businesses have no health insurance. Costs are just too high. And, for those with insurance, plan deductibles are 27% higher compared to all employer plans. Insurance industry giants care about big profits—not about the needs of small business. But now, new regulations allow CarynHealth to finally meet small business health care needs while saving up to 15% or more, compared to plans from the industry giants.

Here’s How
CarynHealth Works
for Insurance Brokers.


CarynHealth enables small businesses to join with others to give them more buying power. It then equips brokers with everything they need to provide solutions that small business clients are looking for. With CarynHealth, the broker can leverage a new digital, mobile platform that equips the entire selling-to-renewal process, making enrollment, health plan management, and annual renewals a breeze.

CarynHealth is the smart new way for everyone in small business to get affordable, quality health care. To discover more about how CarynHealth creates new revenue opportunities for brokers, contact us today.

“In 2015, the average deductible cost $1,541 for businesses with fewer than 50 employees. In the past fifteen years, small businesses have paid more for less when it comes to health insurance plans.”
– Forbes
"The US spends more money on health care than any other wealthy nation. But it hasn’t resulted in better health."
- The Guardian
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“Here's the dirty little secret of health insurance: Insurance companies don’t like covering small businesses, and they hate insuring the self-employed. Why? Individuals and small groups are just too big a risk. Insurance is designed to spread risk among large groups, especially those with plenty of young, healthy people paying premiums for services they don’t use.”
– USA Today