Health care access,   guidance, and support

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Personalized Health Care Guidance & Support – Concierge Service

Learn the best places to turn on your current healthcare journey as the CuramLife Concierge Team helps guide you to the best destinations for the care you need, and the best ways to get there. Uncover lower out-of-pocket cost facilities for an upcoming surgery, hook up to the wellness program that’s perfect for you, connect to both virtual and in-person providers, explore the possibilities of reducing a large outstanding medical bill, discover alternative care options you might not have considered, and generally get the support and encouragement you need to get and stay healthy.

Registered Dieticians, Nutrition Programs and Counseling

Get access to the registered dieticians at Kelly’s Choice: one of the leading nutritional health platforms providing an easy-to-use guide, knowledgeable resources, and a generous group of helpful professionals who can steer you toward your wellness goals through the simple act of consideration for the foods you eat. Get helpful and practical food ideas that are designed for you and unique to you.

Virtual Physical Therapy

Get access to the physical therapists at Agile Virtual Physical Therapy: one of the nation’s finest VPT groups who can both assess the cause of your pain and treat it – all virtually! They can diagnose your PT condition, create your own personal PT plan, and provide online PT sessions. Nagging joint or muscle pain? Recovering/rehabbing from a recent injury or surgery? Or are your physical movements simply in need of some improvement? VPT can get you there.


Secured Personal Health Records Access App

Managing and improving your own health is now so much easier with the ALYKA App. With ALYKA, access to your own personal health records is never further away than your own phone or laptop. You’ll also get valuable health education tailored to your updated health data and labs; health scores, reminders, tracking, and alerts; and integration with your smart devices, watches, and fitness wearables.


Financial Assistance Application Support and Negotiation

Scheduled inpatient procedures and surgeries are costly. The CuramLife team can direct you through the process of applying for the financial assistance that may be available to you, guide you to a more cost-effective facility, or perhaps negotiating on your behalf for the lowest out-of-pocket possible.


Care Coordination and Caregiver Support App

The CuramLife Care Coordination app is a care management app, enabling users to develop a “Care Circle” of friends, relatives, or neighbors to assist with managing care for themselves or a health-challenged family member or friend. The app connects to medical records access, medication reminders, tracking medications, an appointment calendar, health and mood trackers, and a daily to-do list.


Virtual Primary Care and Mental Health Counseling

Become a patient via an online or telephonic relationship with a Primary Care Physician (PCP) who can manage ongoing care as well as chronic needs. Phone, video or mobile app consults will get you access to a PCP within days. Video mental health consultations with licensed counselors or psychiatrists can also be scheduled.


Other Telehealth

Pharmacy Program (both low-cost and no-cost prescriptions), On-demand Care, Behavioral Health, Dentistry, Dermatology, and Neck & Back Pain Relief – all virtual and available through this service.


Discount Vision, Dental, and Telephonic Health Advocate

Discounted programs for:

  • Prescription glasses and contact lenses
  • Eye exams and surgery
  • Dental procedures

And free phone-based confidential counseling and problem-solving services from certified counselors.


Tobacco/Smoking Cessation

Receive your own specially designed ‘stop smoking’ program using a quitting method that best suits your lifestyle and schedule. Additional one-on-one and group sessions are available to guide you to the quitting stage, and then to help keep smoking out of your life forever.