CuramLife Packages

Ordering CuramLife packages of health care and wellness for your employees is  easy!

Step 1: Look through the package details below and select the base package you’d like to offer your employees. Click SUBSCRIBE.Click SUBSCRIBE.

Step 2: Complete the various prompts as they come up.

Step 3: You should then receive confirmation of your order, with details on how to enter your employee information (name, contact info, etc.)

Would you like an assist in getting your order together? Or just more information?

Contact the CuramLife team at 800-651-1237
(Monday-Friday, 9a-5p ET) or email

CuramLife and this trial offer are only available to employers to offer their employees and 1099s. The 3-month offer is for $0 for any CuramLife package (Curam 1 – Curam 6, see below) for use by any quantity of that employer’s employees, 1099 workers, and their respective families. At the end of the 3-month trial period, the employer will get the option of either continuing their CuramLife packages at reduced employer rates or to discontinue the program.


Do you have questions? Would you like an assist in making your CuramLife selections?

Give us a call at 800-651-1237 Monday-Friday, 9a-5p ET, or email