The Smart New Choice
of Health Coverage
for Small Businesses.
CarynHealth Is Changing
Small Business Insurance.
Small Business
Buying Power.
Affordable Health Care
for Small Businesses.
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Health coverage designed for small businesses

Health Coverage
For Small Business
Like Yours.

CarynHealth is the smart new choice for small businesses developed by small business entrepreneurs and experts (like Fran Tarkenton, NFL Hall of Famer and serial entrepreneur and  Dr. Tom Price, former HHS Secretary and Congressman) for entrepreneurs like you.

This is the #1 benefit to attract and retain the best talent. Until now, though, maybe you thought you couldn’t afford health coverage for your employees. Until CarynHealth.

We Can Save You Up to 15% or More per Employee per Month.

We’ll also save you the aggravation of dealing with the insurance giants that have a stranglehold on 90% of the market.

Healthy Choices

CarynHealth provides a buffet-table set of great health plan options that let you customize to your business

Healthy Employees

The user experience is more like shopping online than wading through insurance industry bureaucratic B.S.  We’re here to help you make smart choices for your health and health plan.

We’ll make your employees and your business healthier.
Healthy Employees

We’ll Make Your Employees and Your Business Healthier.

Our goal is not just better health plans… it’s better health for you and your employees. And a healthier business, too, because you’ll be retaining and recruiting the best people with the benefit, they rank #1.

New & Smart Option

This Has Never Been Available to Small Businesses Before.


You may have heard of “association health plans” before – CarynHealth is totally different and a totally new, smart option, made possible by government executive order last year.

When you sign up, you join an association that is an insurance pool of thousands of small business people like you.  This gives you the buying power and bargaining leverage of the biggest corporations.


Everybody Wins… Except the Big Insurance Companies.

This is a new and unique opportunity for Insurance Brokers, Association Managers, Physicians and other Health Care Professionals, Small Business Employers and their Employees.