Small business health care is a win for health providers

How Affordable
Small Business
Health Plans
Are a Win for
Health Care Providers.

Health care providers know, many small business people are uninsured, or under insured with deductibles that can be 27% higher compared to all employer plans. This creates tremendous cost burdens for health care providers. But a new U.S. Department of Labor regulation has created a new way to make health plans affordable for more small businesses with easy access to plans that save up to 15% or more, compared to those from the industry giants.
Healthy Employees

The Realities of Health Care for Small Business Owners and Employees.

54% of small businesses have no health insurance due to high costs. Why? Insurance industry giants care about big profits—and big business clients create more profit than small businesses. With so many small business people uninsured or under insured, the burden falls on health care providers in the form of higher costs and higher debt for their small business patients.

Here's How
CarynHealth Works
for Health Care Providers.


CarynHealth enables small businesses to join with others to give them more buying power. This makes it affordable for small businesses to offer health plans to their employees, and means you’ll have less cost due to uninsured or under insured small business patients. Health care providers can also benefit from the opportunity to leverage small business associations to purchase lower-cost health plans for themselves and their employees.

CarynHealth is the smart new way for everyone in small business to get affordable, quality health care. To discover more about how CarynHealth helps health care providers—or to discover how to acquire CarynHealth plans for your health care small business—contact us today.