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CarynHealth provides end-to-end solutions for health care payors, including insurance firms, health sharing ministries, association health plans, and employers with self-funded plans for their employees.

With our own portal and digital tools supporting end-to-end processes for carriers, brokers, agents, employers, and employees and dependents, we make insurance and health sharing plans more accessible, easy to manage, and lower cost.

Lower Premiums & Contributions

In a time of global pandemic, the imperative to keep premiums and sharing contributions low has never been more important and urgent, especially for self- and level-funded plans. With CarynHealth, you’re in control, and you create your best-fit model for cost savings.

  • 40-50% savings in health plan administration costs
  • Feature-rich tools and processes with full lifecycle support
  • Superb flexibility for insurance and sharing plan design
  • Mobile, digital tools that make plans and services a breeze
  • At last, true leverage to unlock value from Longitudinal Health Records
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CarynHealth provides not only end-to-end solutions, but its own, purpose-built technologies that bring the latest and most secure capabilities to every device. With CarynHealth, you’ll:

  • Integrate data from virtually any source
  • Manage data securely under HIPAA compliance
  • Maintain Longitudinal Health Records
  • Segment audience populations for marketing and analysis
  • And much more

CarynHealth solutions incorporate blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies and are designed from a clean slate for use with mobile devices.

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Solutions that Empower


CarynHealth offers solutions designed exclusively for health insurance and sharing plan brokers and agents that support these vital business functions, helping them generate revenue and retain clients.

  • Prospecting including support of the selling, sign up, and renewal lifecycle
  • Member plan selection, generating soft quotes and evaluating risk/benefit scenarios
  • Online education and document repository for brokers, agents, employers, and members
  • Application & underwriting support with census capture, automated payments, and more
  • Onboarding for insurance, health sharing, and pharmacy, including payroll deductions
  • Renewals and ancillaries, including tax filings, EOBs, health tools, and bill consolidation
How Associations win with small business health care

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A family of software and service solutions dedicated to enabling faith-based organizations to offer low cost, high-value health plans to their members in a digital world where excellence and cost-effectiveness coexist.