Advanced Health Care Technology and Solutions

CarynHealth provides a better path towards a great health care experience for organizations that are providing health care insurance and sharing programs.

We do this by providing a complete menu of services, deployed with advanced, purpose-built cloud-native technology designed and developed for health care payors of all types: employers offering self-funded plans to their employers, health care sharing ministries, and insurers.

CarynHealth technology is all new and developed using the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and optimized blockchain.

And CarynHealth makes the perfect solutions happen for you by providing just the right selection for your needs. We’ll work with what you have and deliver what you need.

CarynHealth for health care payors

If you manage, support, or build new health care payor programs for individual or group health insurance, employer self-funded plans, or health care sharing programs, CarynHealth has the end-to-end platform in the cloud you’ll need for a modern, efficient deployment.

CarynHealth will equip you for a high performing program, and your members or employees will have a great, high satisfaction experience while you lower program costs and increase participation and retention. Our payor programs include:

  • Enrollment and renewals
  • Service rates
  • Payment collection
  • Claims processing
  • Payment of provider claims
  • Customer service solutions
  • Convenient mobile apps
  • Full-service member and enrollment portals

We Work With What You Have

CarynHealth starts with you, takes what you already have, and preserves your existing investments while extending their value with supplemental CarynHealth digital suite of applications. You don’t need to rip and replace. Fix, remake, enhance, improve, refresh… you decide. CarynHealth is your trusted partner wherever you are on your path.

The CarynHealth

The optimal solution for the business is not “rip and replace,” but elegant orchestrations that integrate new functionality into your systems. CarynHealth’s cloud-based platform is purpose-built for health care payor programs of all types. It supports API and data-feed integrations with all solution offerings.

Easy to
Use Apps

Our suite is highly customizable with apps for self-enrollment and members. They’ll delight your members with a great mobile experience, placing everything they need to know at their fingertips. We’ve implemented artificial intelligence-assisted chatbots for next-generation customer service, and end-to-end enrollment and renewal with billing support throughout the lifecycle of your members.

for Every Payor

The suite can support many types of payors: insurance carriers, TPAs, short term medical providers, Health Care sharing Ministries (HCSM), and all plan and program types: association plans, self-funded employer programs, level funded group plans, GAP, healthcare sharing programs and short-term medical plans.


To support deployments of our platform, we take a holistic “journey map” approach, which is the blueprint for execution and alignment across the Enterprise. We construct this map with your business teams, and manage, and execute solutions to bring it to life.

Value you won't get
anywhere else

Leverage advanced technology

Transform legacy systems to a modern secured platform that’s born in the cloud and built for scale with these features.

Enhanced consumer experience

Increase adoption through mobile-ready, easy to use consumer facing apps with intuitive workflows that lower customer service costs while increasing retention and usage.

Accelerate sales closure

Guide and enroll prospects to close sales faster with Integrated Assist functionality or member self-service enrollment capability.Workflow based and intuitive solutions engages members with little to no training required.

Reduce service costs

Work smarter with automation and a conversational AI-Assistant across all customer touchpoints.

Improve operational efficiencies

Cut risks and increase returns with low operating and acquisition costs, coupled with quick implementation.

Preserve your current investments

Make the most of existing data and systems by integrating to/from all our digital transformation suite solutions through integrated API support or direct file feeds.

CarynHealth Products And Services

CarynHealth managed services

CarynHealth also offers managed services for every aspect of your health care payor program, including assisted customer service, platform assisted telemedicine, actuarial services, and more. Augmented with CarynHealth open-source technology, our services deliver measurable results.

CarynHealth products

CarynHealth provides every product and service you need to build and launch your program, or to enhance an existing program. No rip and replace. We’ll meet you where you are, help protect your existing investments, and extend your payor program with the solutions that you need.

CarynHealth people

The CarynHealth Executive team has over 100 years of combined experience designing and implementing complex enterprise systems. We’ve worked in healthcare and life sciences, financial services, retail, and much more. We have successfully executed large projects affecting millions of users across the globe.

Kevin Swint

Chief Operating Officer

Balaji Narayana
Senior Vice President,
Products & Innovation

Jake Sanchez

Chief Revenue Officer