Managed Services

Clients (Payors) can completely outsource every necessary function for day-to-day payor operations.

CarynHealth solutions are assembled and built to your specification and requirements from the CarynHealth suite of offerings and network of service providers. Each service is optimized with CarynHealth technology.

Consumer Lifecycle Support
Optimize the member experience lifecycle from new enrollments, through day-to-day member engagement, to annual renewals and customer satisfaction assessments.
Consumer Services
Maximize customer satisfaction and lower support costs with a suite of options from telephone support to AI-powered chat bots and online resources such as mobile portals.
Customization Services
Each product supports rapid customization while maintaining compliance and managing cost and complexity, supporting each client’s needs and implementation requirements.
Enrollment Services
Set up, recruit, and enroll new members into a payor community. Both agent-assisted and consumer self-service models are available through our optimized enrollment system with its step by step workflow.
Marketing Services
Get expert support in driving new member enrollments to plans and programs with a full array of services that include setting up, running, and evaluating marketing strategies for your payor program.
Member Services
Design, customize, and continuously enhance member experiences through innovative care solutions enriching the community of employees or consumers in addition to new technology supported user features and services for members.
Sharing Services
Implement health care sharing ministry programs with virtual member-to-member sharing of contributions for medical expenses among all program members.
Plan Design and Actuarial Services
Design plans, programs, and model coverage, along with assessing risk assumptions to determine base premiums or member monthly share amounts.
Implementation Services
A holistic “journey map” approach is taken initially to insure all stakeholders are on the same page and agree on the mission which is followed by the creation of a process optimized blueprint for execution and alignment across the enterprise.