The best value in employee healthcare and wellness anywhere!

The best value in employee healthcare and wellness anywhere!


Employer packages start as low as $5 per employee per month!

  • Packages developed for employers
  • Low-cost virtual healthcare and wellness tools for employees
  • Easy-to-order
  • Both preconfigured + customizable packages
  • Exclusive Concierge service – helping employees utilize available CuramLife tools

CuramLife™ is healthcare and wellness for your employees.

Get your employees access to affordable healthcare and wellness with the convenience of a CuramLife package.

  • CONVENIENCE. Virtual healthcare and wellness serve employees where they are – and that includes the workplace. And all from their phone, tablet, or laptop.
  • RETENTION. Keeping your employees healthy also keeps them on the job. Many of the programs include their family members, too!
  • HIRING INCENTIVE. Prospective employees will like that you have their health in mind.
  • LOW COST. The minimal pricetag for CuramLife packages of virtual healthcare and wellness is exponentially lower than health insurance*.
  • EASY ADMINISTRATION. CuramLife does the heavy lifting – setting up your employees’ communication channels with the respective healthcare and wellness providers.
*CuramLife packages are not insurance and do not satisfy ACA requirements.
  • WIDE VARIETY OF TOOLS FOR HEALTHCARE AND WELLNESS ACCESS. Virtual primary care, on-demand care, behavioral health, dentistry, dermatology, and neck-and-back – all from U.S Board-certified physicians. Also online access for care coordination, nutrition, physical therapy, family-on-demand, and more.
  • DISCOUNT PROGRAMS. Discounts for on-site visits at eyecare locations and dental providers, and low and no-cost prescriptions.
  • EXCLUSIVE CONCIERGE SERVICE. Your employees get personalized assistance and direction in using the employer-provided CuramLife tools; getting Good Faith Estimates from hospitals for future medical events; help reducing care costs by identifying financial assistance available through hospitals and simplifying the application process.

CuramLife Packages


Offer CuramLife packages to your employees to give them convenient access to virtual health care and wellness.

Add-Ons Available

Any of these add-ons can be added to your package choice at the reduced employer price, per employee per month.

Do you have questions? Would you like an assist in making your CuramLife selections? Give us a call at 800-651-1237 Monday-Friday, 9a-5p ET, or email